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Themes in Forms/Surveys

Unlock Your Creativity: Explore Diverse Themes in Forms and Surveys for Stunning Customizatio

Themes in the New Form and Survey Builder offer extensive customization options, enabling you to select from a range of professionally crafted themes that align with your brand’s identity. With intuitive controls and live previews, designing visually appealing and responsive forms is effortless. These themes simplify the design workflow, saving time and ensuring a consistent and polished appearance across all your forms. Regular updates to the themes library ensure your forms stay up-to-date with the latest aesthetics.

Quick Overview

How do I find themes in forms and surveys

Follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the form/survey builder
  2. Click on styles and option settings
  3. Go to themes Tab
  4. Select the theme as per your taste

How do I use themes feature ?

To use the Themes feature in the New Form and Survey Builder, follow these steps:

  1. Access Theme Settings: Within the New Builder interface, find the “styles and option settings” section.
  2. Choose a Theme: Under the “themes” tab, you can select a theme from the available options that best suits your desired aesthetics.
  3. Customize Theme: You can further customize the chosen theme by adjusting color schemes, fonts, and background images to match your brand’s visual identity.
  4. Preview Your Form: Take advantage of the real-time preview feature to see how your form looks with the selected theme before making it live.

By following these steps, you can easily incorporate themes into your forms and surveys, creating a visually engaging and branded interaction with your users.


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