Sales Automation

Supercharge your sales team with feature fledged sales CRM.


Call feature within CRM

Dealing with the lead data always invites more concentration while updating the lead status as the data accuracy is very crucial in the lead management process. In such situations, handling a customer call over the phone and updating their status on the CRM will be very risky.

We have overseen this complexity and arranged call management facility within our sales CRM. With our platform integration facility, you can easily connect such calls to the CRM system through your cloud platforms.


As part of providing the most personalised and efficient customer services, we have formulated highly efficient sales automation software. Instead of making frantic searches in different platforms, for the customer data, you can avail them at a single platform with this high-class software. Whether it is about their social media presence, follow up of touchpoints, or customer behaviour analysis, our multi-channel CRM can help you.

No other tool can educate your sales team about their customers well ahead in time like the Leadbadge automation CRM. This prior alertness makes it a cakewalk for them while handling the future calls.

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One step scheduling

We believe ‘time is money’ and never want our customers to waste their precious time on the appointment booking follow-ups. Our sales automation software replaces the redundant and old-fashioned email meeting scheduling procedures with the latest one step appointment booking system.

You may find it surprising that with just an online link you can generate a perfect appointment schedule. Sharing these meeting details with your clients through different communication channels (like emails/ social media platforms /business website) will make the whole thing simple.

Sales pipeline

Leadbadge keeps sales pipeline at the centre of modern sales processing. We ease out the job of your sales rep. Our sales pipeline management team goes through the different aspects of data analysis, interpretation and prediction to device the best pipeline strategies.

We have delicately designed pipeline templates offering, efficient resource management, fiscal based progress reviews and productive testing of a business’s sales strategy.

Business predictions

The key take away of sales automation is sales forecasting. Preparing the lead statistics at different stages of the sales funnel is tedious but can never be neglected. Our sales CRM offers you accurate reports and data regarding each lead on a real-time basis.

The easily comparable graphical reports always give you the freedom to analyse the current business flow. We guarantee precise Sales predictions based on our reports. Our robust reports support you in benchmarking your salespersons with the exact target.

Real-time alerts

Many salespersons find it difficult to keep track of their leads on time. Missing out some important intimation with your leads may occur as a threat to your business reliability. Our competent CRM lead management system supports all form of real-time alerts to your sales team.

Our automatic alerts in the form of e-mails, SMS and MMS will help the business as well as their customers to keep in the business track.

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