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Implement Conditional Logic for Dynamic Form Responses

Enhance Form Functionality: Implementing Conditional Logic for Dynamic Form Response

Enhance Form Functionality: Implementing Conditional Logic for Dynamic Form Response

he Conditional Logic feature in our Form Builder allows you to automate actions in your forms based on user interactions. You can use multiple conditions, choose from diverse operations, and have the flexibility to edit them as you see fit. You have the power to trigger actions like displaying custom messages, redirecting to specific URLs, or disqualifying leads for a tailored user experience. This feature empowers you to make your forms smarter and more dynamic.

Quick Overview

Where to find Conditional Logic in Forms

Open the form builder and see the conditional logic from secondary top bar. Clicking on it will open the popup.

You can configure the following type of logic:

  1. Display custom messages
  2. Redirect to specific URLs
  3. Disqualify leads

“AND” and “OR” conditions

You can add as many “AND” and “OR” condition as you want. Switching between ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ automatically updates all operations accordingly.

Whether you’re dealing with standard or custom fields, we’ve got operations for every data type —

  • text
  • date
  • phone
  • number
  • monetary values
  • single drop-downs
  • radio selections

Which operations are covered for different fields ?

The above image show the operations that can be done. You can choose from operations like contains, equal to/not equal to, starts with/ends with, is empty/is filled, greater than/less than, before/after, and more.


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