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Updating Snapshot Changes Across Client Accounts: Simplified Guide

Pushing & Loading Snapshot Updates to Client Accounts

Follow the steps below to push Snapshot updates to linked accounts:

  1. Click Settings on the Agency View
  2. Click Account Snapshot
  3. Click the Push update to linked accounts button found on the right side of the Snapshot you wish to push out updates for

  4. Click Ok when prompted

Loading a Snapshot into an Existing Clients Account

To learn how to Load a Snapshot into an already existing account:

What happens?

  1. Nothing that already exists in the client account gets deleted or changed
  2. All of the Snapshot items within the Snapshot simply get added to what already exists in the client account
  3. If you load the same Snapshot into the same client account multiple times, the items of the Snapshot will duplicate
  4. If the snapshot has more than 100 locations to process, we’ll process the first 100 locations within the first 10 mins, then the next 100 locations after 10 min, and again 100 locations after 20 mins of initial processing.


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