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Displaying Multiple Calendars: Unassigned Section Focus

show more than one calendar on a web page

How to show more than one calendar on a web page

Video Overview:

Using Calendar Links: 

  • Open each calendar link in a brand new tab by using clicking the hyperlink icons for every calendar
  • Copy the calendar ID from one calendar then then go to the other calendar, upload a comma after its ID, paste the other calendar’s ID after the comma, and hit enter to reload the web page

Embedding multiple calendars on a funnel page:

  • Go to Settings > Appointment Widget and copy the embed code from the primary calendar
  • Go to the funnel web page, add a “Custom JS/HTML” detail, click “Open Code Editor”, and paste the calendar embed code.
  • In a new tab, cross lower back to Settings > Appointment Widget, change the calendar name dropdown to the second calendar and copy the calendar ID from that calendar
  • Go lower back to the funnel page tab that has your Custom JS/HTML element code editor open, upload a comma after the calendar ID, paste the second one calendar ID, then hit the “Yes, keep.”
  • Save your funnel page and preview.

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