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Custom Calendar Forms

To create a custom calendar form headline in Shopify, you can utilize Liquid, Shopify's templating language, within your theme files.
  • Access Leadpages: Log in to your Leadpages account and navigate to the page where you want to add the custom form calendar.
  • Create a Form: Use Leadpages’ form builder to create a form where you want the calendar to appear. You can add fields for name, email, and any other information you want to collect.
  • Add HTML/CSS Element: Once you’ve created the form, you can add a custom HTML/CSS element to the page where you want the calendar to appear.
  • Customize HTML/CSS: In the HTML editor, write the HTML code for your custom form calendar. You can use libraries like Bootstrap Datepicker or jQuery UI Datepicker to create the calendar. Style the calendar using CSS to match the design of your page.
  • Integrate with Form: Use JavaScript to integrate the custom form calendar with Leadpages’ form. You’ll need to listen for events on the calendar (e.g., when a date is selected) and update the corresponding form field with the selected date.
  • Test: Test the form calendar to ensure that it works correctly and submits the selected date along with other form data.

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