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Calendar Sync Option explained

We updated in order that the sync alternative can be located in the Settings->Profile page once you integrate the Google account.

For Group calendar

We updated in order that the sync alternative can be located in the Settings->Profile page once you integrate the Google account. You will want to log in because the person and go to the Settings -> Integrations page to connect with the Google account. After this is performed, you could connect with the Google account under the Profile tab within the Calendar Configuration phase. 

For the sync option right here, it would be the same concept as what we had before. Allow contact creation means that we can create a touch + appointment in HighLevel for the guests we determined within the Google activities.

If you do not need us to create a contact, you could choose “Select Default Calendar” and click on save.

After you pick the default calendar, the Allow Trigger choice might display up and which means if you want the appointment triggers or Customer booked appointment cause to hearth for the touch we created to add the result in the appointment reminder campaigns. 

For unassigned calendar

Calendar Sync Options:

One manner: All occasions from Google calendar could be shown as gray. It will no longer add whoever is invited in the Google occasion to HighLevel. But will still sync the Appointments from HL to the Google calendar and block the timeslot pulled from Google.

Two way: All occasions from google calendar can be coloured and could talk to every different. HighLevel will find who is invited within the Google event, create a touch record for them, and fireplace off any triggers associated with the calendar.


When an event is created in Google calendar however the contacts related to the event were now not observed to be already existing in HighLevel as contacts, HighLevel will now not upload them as contacts but will block the time without work for your HighLevel calendar (event shade may be grey).

Alternatively, whilst an occasion is created in Google calendar and the contacts related to the occasion had been observed as existing contacts in HighLevel, HighLevel will coloration code the occasion and fireplace off any triggers related to the calendar.

Disable Trigger:

All Google Calendar occasion contacts will be pulled into HighLevel as new contacts, however no triggers related to the HighLevel calendar will fire.


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