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Demystifying Conversation AI Bots: A Comprehensive Guide

The Conversation AI is a complicated feature that leverages AI technologies to enhance purchaser interactions with your commercial enterprise

The Conversation AI is a complicated feature that leverages AI technologies to enhance purchaser interactions with your commercial enterprise. The Bot solves complex issues and presents safer, more accurate answers than any AI Chatbot on the market.

The 6 key pillars of the Conversation AI Bot are:

  • Conversation AI Modes and settings
  • Supported verbal exchange channels
  • Training the Bot
  • Configuring Bot’s Intent
  • Testing the Bot (Bot Trial)
  • Workflow X Conversation AI

Conversation AI Modes and settings

  • OFF – This is the default mode in which the communique AI function is inactive. Bot training and bot trial are still active to educate and take a look at the bot earlier than launching the bot
  • Suggestive – The bot responses are to be had in the message composer container for the sub-account user to send as is or edit before sending.
  • Auto-pilot – The bot automatically responds to a touch on behalf of the commercial enterprise.

Supported verbal exchange channels

  • SMS
  • FB
  • IG
  • Web Chat (SMS Chat)
  • Live Chat
  • GBP (Google Business Profile)

You can pick out which channels you’d like the bot to communicate via by going to “Settings” > “Conversation AI” and adding the channels via the “Supported Channels” dropdown:

Configuring Bot’s Intent

  • General Support or Q/A – Provides information to the contact’s queries based totally on the education data
  • Appointment Booking – Ask a few questions (customizable) after which e-book an appointment on the calendar.
  • Note: If an appointment for a touch is already booked ie inside the Active/Confirmer country, the cause will dynamically transfer to General help for that contact till the appointment is both finished or cancelled

Testing the Bot (Bot Trial)

  • The Conversation AI bot is FREE to test in the “Bot Trial” tab of your Conversation AI Sub-account settings page. 
  • The motive to check can be selected from the dropdown and the bot will reply to you the same manner it’s going to respond to a touch
  • Feedback can be furnished by the use of the “Thumbs Up and Down” beneath each bot’s reaction to great-track and add FaQs to be trained

Workflow X Conversation AI

Utilize the strength of your bot education inside workflows by using using the Conversation AI Action following:

  1. Customization your entire spark off 
  2. Conditional movement of the touch in the workflow
  3. Ask specific questions and create branches based at the touch’s reply

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