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Customize your AI responses using Prompts 

"Enhance AI Interaction: Personalize Responses with Prompts for Tailored Engagement"

Intent-Based Prompting

Components of Edit Prompt

  1. Who is the bot? [Editable] – Utilize this area to inform the bot who it’s miles, how it can meet its dreams, and things to remember while speaking to the touch.
  2. Goal [Non-Editable]
  3. Anything else the Bot should recognize? [Editable] – Important Business information, why the verbal exchange is taking place, who the touch is, policies to comply with, etc. Add some thing you need the bot to realize so as to help it reply for your contacts

Templates and Reset to Default

We offer a few templates to pick out from and check them out for proposal on ways to put in writing your activates and nice practices. 

  • Utilize the “Reset to Default” button to reset the spark off to the default one.

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