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Understanding Opportunities in Leadbadge

Exploring Opportunities in Leadbadge: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Sales Prospects and Conversion Potential

Pipeline Integration

  • Opportunities are managed within pipelines which in turn are series of consecutive stages.
  • Customizable pipelines align with unique sales processes and business goals.

Learn more about pipelines here

Stage Progression

  • Opportunities advance through pipeline stages, signifying their position in the sales cycle.
  • Stages typically include “Prospecting,” “Qualification,” “Proposal,” and “Negotiation” 

Opportunity Status

  • “Open”, “Won”, “Lost” and “Abandoned” are opportunity status which are present by default.
  • An opportunity can be in one of the four statuses and we can use these to prepare filters for the same.

Learn more about Opportunity Statuses here

Data Management 

  • Robust data management within opportunities tracks opportunity source, contact details, opportunity value, and notes.
  • Users can also streamline communication and task assignment under Opportunity – linked contacts, enhancing workflow efficiency and timely engagement.

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