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Understanding Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: A Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate Manager - (Step 3) How to Set Up Your First Affiliate Manager Campaign

An affiliate marketing campaign consists of one or more configurations that decide how an affiliate marketing campaign flows from start to finish, it can be as simple as a single link, or it can be a complex multi-step funnel with many moving parts. The key is to have the right configuration for your business and its goals

How to create an Affiliate Campaign:

Under the Affiliate Manager tab Please click on the ‘Campaigns‘ screen

Once you have clicked on the ‘+ Add‘ button the following screen will appear.

Please continue to configure your affiliate campaign settings > Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button

Once the campaign has been created, a new campaign card will be created.

Affiliate Campaign pre-requisites:

For an Affiliate Campaign to be set up completely it needs the following values:

Campaign Name – The unique name given to identify a campaign

Funnel/Website URL – This is the landing page that the affiliate’s leads will visit 

Products – The products on which an affiliate commission is applicable

Affiliates – The list of people who will be receiving the unique affiliate link to promote the affiliate program. An affiliate can be part of multiple campaigns and each campaign will provide a unique affiliate link to the affiliate.

Commission percentage – The % of the commission that will be distributed to every sale that an affiliate makes

Payout frequency – When will the payment be made on the affiliate for every sale

Cookie Life – The number of days the cookie will stay in the lead’s browser


When should I create multiple campaigns?

The affiliate manager creates multiple campaigns when you have different:

  • The landing page your affiliate’s users will visit
  • Product on which the commission would be applicable on
  • Affiliates who will promote the product
  • Affiliate commission percentages
  • Affiliate payout frequency

Example: You set up two campaigns, one for your regular affiliates who will receive a commission of 20% per sale, and another campaign for your influencers who will receive a 30% commission per sale.

Can an affiliate be part of multiple campaigns?

Yes, an affiliate can be part of multiple campaigns and each campaign will provide a unique affiliate link to the affiliates. Make sure when setting up the products that you don’t link the same product across multiple campaigns as this will skew your numbers.

My Affiliate Campaign won’t publish. What can I do?



The green color indicates that the campaign is ‘Live‘ and the red color indicates that the campaign is ‘Paused‘ (see the image above).

A campaign gets created in a paused state if

  • Stripe is not connected
  • Affiliates are not added

Where can I find my affiliate Links for each campaign?

The email goes out to the email address of the affiliate once a campaign is live. The other way to pull the affiliate link is to go to the Affiliate -> Click on the affiliate in question-> Click on the campaign dropdown -> Select the campaign -> You’ll find the affiliate link located to the right of the campaign


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