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Introduction to the Affiliate Manager: Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking Affiliate Success: Comprehensive Overview and Frequently Asked Questions for Getting Started with the Affiliate Manager

The Affiliate Manager system aims to offer SaaS Agency owners an efficient affiliate management tool integrated within the CRM. This overview article provides insight into its functionality and directs users to relevant help documentation for setting up their inaugural campaign

Pre-requisite for Activating an Affiliate Manager Campaign:

  1. Enable Stripe Connect on your locations: Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Stripe Connect.
  2. Add/Upload Affiliates on the Affiliate Manager platform.
  3. Create your campaign with the following details:
    • Select the funnel/website.
    • Specify products eligible for commission split.
    • Compile the list of affiliates.
    • Set commission percentage, payout frequency, and cookie life.

Setup Guide Overview:

Step 1: Create Your Funnel & Add Products (Refer to Guide). Step 2: Upload or Add Affiliates to the Affiliate Manager (Refer to Guide). Step 3: Create an Affiliate Manager Campaign (Refer to Guide). Step 4: Manage Affiliate Payouts (Refer to Guide).

How does the Affiliate Manager operate?

After launching a campaign, enrolled affiliates receive unique affiliate links to share. When a customer signs up through an affiliate link, their payout and commission are recorded and listed under ‘Payout – Pending’ tab on the 1st of each month. The affiliate owner reviews and approves payouts for processing, exporting data to their payment gateway for manual payments. Post payment, update the status in Affiliate Manager to ‘paid’ for accurate reporting.

Please Note:

Development is ongoing to enhance the affiliate environment; share any ideas on the ideas board. For feedback, click the feedback button within the affiliate manager dashboard.


  1. How do individuals become affiliates? Set up an Affiliate Manager workflow for automated sign-ups (Refer to detailed article).
  2. How can affiliates find their affiliate links? Affiliate links are emailed upon campaign activation; alternatively, locate it in the Affiliate Manager dashboard.
  3. How do affiliates access their stats? Affiliates cannot view stats directly; consider adding them as users in an account.
  4. Can affiliates download lead or buyer lists? Affiliates cannot perform actions within the Affiliate Manager currently.
  5. How to tag existing buyers to imported affiliates? This feature is unavailable at present.
  6. How is affiliate commission calculated with coupon usage? Coupon discounts are treated as revenue; commission is based on the discounted value.

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