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Utilizing Conversation AI for Appointment Booking: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introducing the CRM's revolutionary Conversation AI. Unlock the capability of our AI-powered automation to elevate your purchaser interactions.

Introducing the CRM’s revolutionary Conversation AI. Unlock the capability of our AI-powered automation to elevate your purchaser interactions. With our superior car-respond characteristic, currently to be had in a constrained private beta, you can streamline your responses and make certain set off engagement. Additionally, our suggestive AI, now released for all customers, offers evergreen assist, imparting intelligent suggestions to beautify your conversations. Empower your group, store time, and supply brilliant patron reviews with the CRM’s Conversation AI.

What is this option?

The Conversation AI is a complicated characteristic that leverages AI technology to beautify customer interactions and automate the appointment booking system. It includes two primary modes:

Suggestive Mode:

In this mode, AI generates real-time predictive text tips to assist users in responding to customer messages. The tips seem as alternatives, allowing customers to both ship the AI-advised message as is, customize it before sending it, or brush aside the thought.

Auto-Pilot Mode:

This mode completely automates responses to inbound messages the use of AI to guide customers toward reserving appointments. If an inbound message is acquired, the device waits 2 minutes before calling the GPT API to account for more than one potential messages.

Usage Cases:

Suggestive Mode:

Healthcare Clinic:

A neighborhood healthcare health facility can make use of Conversation AI in suggestive mode to streamline appointment bookings. When patients inquire approximately service info or available appointment slots, the AI responds directly with relevant data and suggests appropriate responses. This improves response time and complements the patient experience.

Fitness Center:

Conversation AI in suggestive mode correctly handles inquiries and bookings for a gymnasium providing diverse classes and club plans. Potential clients asking about class schedules or membership information get hold of instantaneous responses from the AI and suggestions for in addition moves. The suggestive mode lets in body of workers to fast respond to queries and provide customized assistance.


Restaurants benefit from Conversation AI in suggestive mode to manipulate table reservation requests. When customers inquire about table availability, the AI responds with to be had time slots and presents guidelines for booking. Additionally, the suggestive mode assists body of workers in promptly responding to specific requests, which include nutritional regulations or special arrangements.

Auto-Pilot Mode (Private Beta):

Healthcare Clinic:

With Conversation AI in car-pilot mode, a local healthcare health facility can automate responses to inbound messages, guiding patients towards booking appointments. The AI gives to be had timings, publications sufferers in selecting a slot, and sends them a reserving link. This mode reduces guide intervention and guarantees a unbroken appointment booking manner.

Fitness Center:

In automobile-pilot mode (non-public beta), Conversation AI automates responses for a gym. When ability clients message approximately elegance schedules or membership plans, the AI courses them toward booking a trial magnificence or membership. This mode shall we workforce consciousness on different duties whilst maintaining an efficient consumer booking process.


In vehicle-pilot mode (private beta), Conversation AI handles restaurant table reservation requests. When clients inquire approximately table availability, the AI gives time slots and directs them to a booking link. The car-pilot mode guarantees a activate and streamlined reservation manner.

Real Estate Agency:

Conversation AI in automobile-pilot mode (non-public beta) assists actual estate groups in managing belongings viewing appointments. When capacity consumers inquire about houses, the AI autonomously gives applicable belongings details and to be had viewing slots, and courses consumers toward scheduling a viewing. This mode simplifies the appointment booking technique for sellers and capability buyers.

How to permit Conversation AI in your Agency?

Head to Company Settings after which scroll down at the right.

There have to be an alternative or checkbox to enable or activate Conversation AI. Click this to turn on the characteristic.

You have to receive the terms and conditions or acknowledge the charges of enabling this feature.

How to Rebill Conversation AI?

Adjust Rebill Amount: This step is important if you plan to rebill your clients for the usage of the AI carrier.

Head to the SAAS Configurator in your Agency Sidebar. Scroll down on the right to Conversation AI.

Enter the amount you propose to fee your customers in line with message. For instance, if your price is $0.05 according to message and you want to profit, you could charge customers $zero.07.

In this rebilling instance, you, as an organisation, endure the $0.05/message value. You then fee your customer $0.07/message, 1.Four instances your value. This outcomes in a income of $zero.02/message. With $10, you could generate approximately a hundred forty five messages.

You can trade the rebilling multiplier for individual SAAS debts via heading to Sub-Accounts> Scrolling to that sub-account> Manage Client (or clicking on their name.)

Scroll down till you spot the sub-debts rebilling management location> Conversation AI:

How to use Conversation AI?

Conversation AI Settings

Before you may get commenced with the use of this selection, once you have enabled it in a sub-account, head over to the Settings tab> Conversation AI:


In the “Preferences” segment for Conversation AI, you have 3 awesome modes to select from:


This alternative completely disables Conversation AI. You can edit settings and info, however the AI will now not have interaction together with your customers.


Conversation AI assists you inside the chat window on this mode via presenting cautioned responses to purchaser inquiries. You can both ship these as is, regulate them before sending them, or forget about the guidelines.


This mode allows Conversation AI to mechanically ship messages in your clients, streamlining customer interactions and improving response time. It operates independently, taking into consideration seamless verbal exchange without guide intervention. Please be aware that the Auto-Pilot Mode is currently in a personal beta phase, and a pick out group of customers has been shortlisted for checking out and feedback purposes.

Supported Channels

The “Supported Channels” segment lets in you to select the systems in which Conversation AI might be active. The following channels are presently supported:

SMS: Enables automatic responses to text messages received out of your customers.

Facebook: Let Conversation AI interact with customers through your commercial enterprise’s Facebook page or Messenger.

Instagram: Conversation AI can respond to direct messages out of your enterprise’s Instagram account.

Google My Business: Allows Conversation AI to engage with customers who attain out for your enterprise via Google’s messaging carrier.

By selecting these channels, you make certain that your customers acquire set off, computerized responses irrespective of which platform they use to contact you.

Appointment Booking:

Pick a Calendar

In the “Appointment Booking” section, you are asked to pick out a calendar from your CRM. The associated scheduling link is mechanically decided on whilst you choose a particular calendar. This link is then used within the bot’s replies for clients to e book appointments, permitting seamless integration of your CRM’s scheduling talents with the Conversation AI’s automated purchaser interaction.

Conversation go with the flow

In the “Conversation Flow” segment, you can guide the AI bot’s speak together with your clients. It will ask the desired questions before sharing the reserving link with the contact. The closing phrase count number indicates how many extra phrases you may utilize for this talk customization.

Example waft:

“Do you require the offerings presented by means of ARNOLD GYM?”

“Do you require these offerings in the locations my commercial enterprise operates in?”

“Do you wish to e book an appointment?”

Customize Bot Responses 

In the “Customize Bot Responses” segment, you can use the “+ Add Q & A” button to contain regularly requested questions (FAQs) and their responses. This trains the bot to deal with queries successfully. For instance:

Question: “What are the operational hours of ARNOLD GYM?”

Answer: “ARNOLD GYM operates from 6 AM to 10 PM each day.”

These settings make sure the AI bot can manage a huge range of customer inquiries and respond correctly, contributing to a clean user enjoy.


Q: Can Conversation AI offer available appointment slots?

A: Conversation AI, particularly in Auto-Pilot Mode, does not offer to be had appointment slots without delay. Instead, it publications customers to a booking link where they can pick their desired slots from the to be had alternatives.

Q: Is Auto-Pilot Mode handy to all customers?

A: Auto-Pilot Mode is currently in a personal beta phase and is available to a choose institution of customers who have been shortlisted for checking out and comments functions. It isn’t always openly reachable to all users presently.

Q: What are the blessings of the use of Suggestive Mode?

Real-time AI-generated suggestions

Q: Can I use Conversation AI on multiple messaging platforms?

A: Yes, Conversation AI can be incorporated into various stay channels, inclusive of SMS, Google My Business (GMB), Facebook (FB), and Instagram (IG). It permits you to provide AI-powered responses across more than one systems.

Q: How does Conversation AI deal with out-of-context responses?

A: Conversation AI is designed to observe sure situations for begin, sleep, and give up states, which includes managing out-of-context responses. The machine uses the remaining 10 conversations or up to an 800-phrase restrict to make sure context-touchy responses.


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