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Sticky Contact – Form

Sticky contact is essentially like Google browser's Autofill, if active the fields come pre-filled with info added earlier.

Sticky contact is essentially like Google browser’s Autofill, if active the fields come pre-filled with info added earlier. They are Embedded cookies into the browser which help to auto fill information in.

How do Sticky Contacts work?

Sticky Contacts remembers the contact’s submission in the browser cookies so it can be transferred to another form, survey, order form or calendar widget. Use this if your customer is filling out the form , not if you or someone on your team is internally filling it out. If someone internal or yourself are filling out the same form and sticky contacts is on, it will overwrite the contact record with the latest submission.

Technical Details:

  1. When someone submits a form / survey / calendar / order form on a page, a cookie is created on the browser with their information against that domain.
  2. Whenever a page which lives on that same domain is opened, the cookie has the information so it gets pre-populated.
  3. If you clear the cookies, then that information will be gone. Same for if you try to use the incognito mode of your browser for the second submission, as cookies do not cross over to the Incognito mode.
  4. If you use a different domain, then the cookie won’t work, and a new submission will need to be made so that a cookie for that specific domain is saved.

Please Note:

1. If two or more people submit their information using the same browser on the same form / calendar / survey / order form, and sticky contacts is enabled, their information will be overwritten to the same contact in the system.
2. If a person is submitting their information on a different browser, sticky contact will not work for the first time because the cookie won't be created on that browser.
3. Sticky contacts don't work on Hidden fields or Custom fields

Where to find Sticky Contacts in forms?

Navigate to sites> Forms> Builder> Options> Scroll Down to find the Sticky Contacts toggle.


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