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Masking Sender Emails – From Name & Address

Enhancing Email Privacy: A Comprehensive Guide to Masking Sender Emails with Customized From Name and Address Settings

Configuring Sender Emails: Best Practices and Troubleshooting

If you’re using Mailgun or LC Email, we’ll automatically use your business email if the lead isn’t assigned.

How to Check Assignment Status:

Navigate to the Smart Lists tab and search for the contact.

In Search Conversations, click the icon on the right to view Contact Details.

  1. Check the assignment status of the contact.

Configuring Sender Emails:

Manual Email:

  • In the Conversation tab, the From email defaults to the user’s logged-in email.
  • With 2-way email sync, the integrated email will display.

Automated Email:

  • Email Template: Click on Marketing > Emails > Templates > +New to configure.
  • Bulk Action – Send Email: Select contacts, go to Smart Lists, and click Send Email.
  • Workflow Settings: Create a new workflow under Automation > Workflows.


  1. Why does the From email for Outlook look long and strange?

For Outlook, the From email may appear elongated due to formatting constraints.

Places you can configure the sender’s email – Automated email

Email template

Click on Marketing > Emails > Templates > +New

Workflow Send Email Action

Click on the + button > Select the “Send Email” option

Enter the From Name and From Email


1. Why is the From email for outlook always look long and strange?


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