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CSV Bulk Import: Step-by-Step Guide

CSV Bulk Import Walkthrough: Step-by-Step Guide for Importing Contacts

Bulk Import Multiple Emails per Contact:

You can leverage the power of effective contact management with our new ‘Additional Emails’ feature, complemented by the Bulk Import capability. Seamlessly map, manage, and maintain multiple emails for each contact, enhancing data handling. Our innovative approach simplifies large-volume data management, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for users.

Conditions to import:

  • To ensure contact uniqueness, both the primary and additional email (if selected as the first preference) will be used. In cases where multiple duplicate matches are found for an additional email, that specific email will be left out. 
  • Any invalid emails in the additional fields will be removed, leaving only valid ones for a contact. 
  • If the email column in the CSV is blank, but the additional email column has values, the first additional email will serve as the primary email. 
  • When updating an existing contact, the specified emails in the CSV will be combined with the ones already associated with the contact. 
  • The “Additional Email” column can hold a maximum of 10 email IDs, with only the first 10 being considered if more are included.

Steps to Import

  • Within the Contact Import section, users will discover a new system field named “Additional Emails.” 
  • This feature enables users to map all their extra emails.
  • During the import process, it’s necessary to include all additional emails in one column. These should be separated by commas (,), slashes (/), or semicolons (;), and then mapped to the “Additional Emails” field in the system.

Sample CSV


My CSV list is mixed; some contacts have an email or phone #, and some have both an email and phone. How should I proceed?

Now we can find existing contact based on the secondary field, so if the contact record has only the phone number, we can also upload them!


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