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Creating an Affiliate Campaign

Mastering Affiliate Campaign Creation: A Detailed Walkthrough for Building Effective Marketing Strategies"

Unlock the potential of earning commissions seamlessly by initiating your affiliate campaigns through a straightforward 3-step process. With our platform, benefit from multi-tier support extending up to 7 tiers, customizable commissions, direct affiliate assignment, and a plethora of other features. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, our platform empowers you to effortlessly craft impactful campaigns. Explore the step-by-step guide below to learn how to optimize your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Step 1: Click on Add button in the Campaign page:

  • Begin by navigating to the Campaign page and clicking on the “+ Add” button to start the campaign creation process.

Step 2: Choose your campaign source:

  • Rename your campaign by clicking on the pencil edit icon located on the top bar. The system automatically provides a Campaign Name for all new campaigns.
  • Select the source for your affiliate campaign, such as the funnel or the website where your products are listed.

Step 3: Configure source details:

  • Provide the necessary details to generate your campaign’s default URL.
  • Once configured, you can view the generated default affiliate campaign URL.
  • The <<affiliate_id>>¬†placeholder will be replaced with a unique affiliate ID for each affiliate assigned to this campaign. By default, these IDs are system-generated, but you can customize them in the Affiliate profile settings.

Step 4: Review product list:

  • Once configured, review the list of products associated with your chosen source, including product name, price, and type.
  • Modify the product list as needed by deleting or adding products. This list will have the products eligible for commissions.

Step 5: Set default commission

  • Define default commissions for the campaign, either as a flat number or a percentage of the product price, to be applied to all products.

Step 6: Customize product-level commissions:

  • Optionally, set commissions at the product level to tailor them according to individual product prices.

Step 7: Enable multi-tier commissions:

  • Access the Advanced Commissions settings to enable and configure multiple tiers for your affiliate campaign, supporting up to 7 tiers.

Step 8: Configure tier-specific commissions:

  • Set default or product-based commissions for each tier to incentivize affiliates at different tiers.

Step 9: Add campaign description:

  • Provide an optional campaign description to provide context and attract affiliates to join your campaign.

Step 10: Assign affiliates directly:

  • Review affiliate details, such as joining date and total number of affiliates, before directly assigning them to the campaign.

Step 11: Adjust additional settings:

  • Customize additional settings, including choosing the email template for onboarding new affiliates, setting the cookie life, and defining payout terms.
  • For Products with Setup Fees, you can toggle if you want to include Setup Fees in commissions calculation as well

Step 12: Publish or save draft:

  • Finally, choose to publish your campaign immediately or save it as a draft for further editing.
  • Congratulations! Your affiliate campaign is now live and ready to drive results.

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