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Addressing Call Recording Issues

Troubleshooting Call Recording Issues: Addressing Instances of Calls Not Being Recorded

How to enable Call Recording

In the agency view, Click on Click here to switch on the top left to go inside the sub-account

Click on Click here to switch

Once you are in the subaccount, click on Settings (bottom left)

Click on Phone Numbers

Click on Phone Numbers

Click on the Edit icon to the Twilio number you want to enable Call recording for

Click on highlight

Check the checkbox for Call recording (Default message: This call will be recorded for quality assurance)

Check on

You could put a few spaces here so it will not announce anything, depending on the regulation where you live if that’s allowed.

However, for workflow action Call steps, we will still announce the call recording message.

Drag highlighted element

Click on Update to save the changes.

Click on Update

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