Service Automation

Wide range automated service suits with seamless
customer relationship management solutions


Quicker customer management

It is a necessity to deploy an error-free customer relationship management tool in a multichannel customer feedback system. Compiling the multichannel responses in a single platform will be a great challenge in huge businesses.

But we the Leadbadge team offers you such a service CRM platform where it analyses the 360-degree view of the customers and their purchase histories and earlier chat details. With these results, your service person can reach out to each customer with perfect personalised solutions. A high-class customer success management system always promotes the collaborative efforts from the sales, marketing and service sections to delight the customers with the fast response time.

Handle an expert ticket system

The most needed customer service tool for a CRM service in the post-purchase phase will be an efficient ticketing system. Handling so many tickets from various fields definitely will create a fuss. With the Leadbadge service CRM, you will be able to collect and channelize the queries from the customers in a sophisticated way.

Here, with a smart-sync feature, you can link the service email account with your Google account and access the received emails from the service CRM dashboard. Once you got a query, the automation tools can do the ticket labelling and reroute them to your service expert as per the database and predefined criteria.

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Know your customers

We believe customers are the backbones of any business. Perceiving their choices and needs you can create strong business impacts on customers. Knowing the pain points of the customers and developing your business ideas based on them will always give you an upper hand in the business.

Leadbadge service CRM tools can lend you a hand in designing prolific customer survey forms. With our sophisticated HTML forms with multichannel embedding facility, you can collect abundant customer reviews across different platforms. A close understanding of the customer reviews and productive discussion with different teams is the main facet of a fruitful customer management system.

Online calendars

Make an up to date event management calendar with the Leadbadge service CRM. It can help you in initiating event planning, online customer invitation and sending reminders to the subsequent teams, leads and customers.

The drag and drop menu allows easy modifications in the calendar. So, you never want to think twice to update and reschedule the calendar when the situation needs it. A strong customer database can always support such calendars and our automation tools can integrate the database software productively to maximise the efficiency.

Reporting data and analytics

The Leadbadge offers high-end capabilities on its service CRM. Our advanced tools in CRM analytics gauge the team strength. It checks up the lead closure figures, pending queries, deadline achievements and many more parameters to measure the distance towards the ideal goal.

It excels the CRM reporting capabilities of the concurrent software with periodic revision of the service standards and helps the partnered business to sustain high customer satisfaction levels.

Time tracking

The best way to pull out all your customer service team together is to do time tracking. The time spent on each ticket will reveal the team’s efficiency. For better management of time and improved performance of the service team, the Leadbadge team introduces the time-triggered CRM.

It tracks out the time spent on different requests and prioritises the tickets. Apart from this, the time tracking software decides which section of the business need more assistance and allocate more automation support to that team. The time tracking feature takes extra care to maintain ‘no untouched tickets’ by follow-ups at regular intervals. This will definitely pay towards trust-building in customers.

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