Marketing Automation

Involvement in every step of customer interaction with more ease


Managing the leads

Every thriving business has certified the role of lead management in their success journey. Right from the branding stage, our marketing automation CRM helps you to attract more leads. This smart marketing CRM enables you to identify, generate, score and nurture the proper leads within no time.

The Leadbadge CRM has specialised tools to create tailored content for your leads by integrating the contact management system. It always has an upper hand in predicting the next movement of your lead as per their previous responses to the campaigns. Almost all the hot leads are identified quickly by the lead management software and help the salesperson to make the perfect deals. With the best lead score system, our CRM chooses the appropriate sales-ready leads and pass them to the sales team.

Super-Flexi Campaign management

The Leadbadge marketing automation system gives you the freedom to execute marketing campaigns directly from the CRM by solving out all the intricacies in your campaign management system. It can integrate launching, scheduling, and monitoring processes through multiple channels with high efficiency.

By deploying our automation tools, the lengthy planning and execution stages of the olden day campaigning can now be dealt in hours. Our campaign management CRM tools predict the possible changes to get ultimate conversion by analysing the web traffic, customer engagement and campaign performances.

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Tempting webforms

While handling with the landing page tactics, many of you may have encountered the big challenge in drafting a tempting webform. Normally such highly appealing forms call for the best coding experts. But in Leadbadge we have hundreds of web forms templates that can be adapted to any platform easily.

The options in our marketing CRM to build simple HTML forms with drag and drop feature ease out the job of webform designers. With the hassle-free embedding methods, you can avail such forms in different spaces like web pages, emails, and social media sites. Following up the responses to the webforms, identify the best and worst lead generating channels for your business and modify your strategy for maximum leads.

Effortless Email campaigns

The personalised emails are building blocks of every business communication. Considering the prospects at different stages of the business, you may have to adopt the best email marketing tools for your business. Leadbadge offers multiple drag and drop choices to the customers for designing their emails. Whether it is the inclusion of images, text boxes or CTA buttons, everything is just a click away in this CRM.

For bulk emails, we provide the customer-oriented email templates and hence increase the productivity of your marketing team. With this supreme email marketing automation, you can even plan the date and time of delivery of certain emails, especially for global customers. Above all we help you to monitor some important statics like email open rates, untouched emails, clicked links, subscription rate and many more.

Marketing analysis through dashboards

The best reports always come out with brilliant predictions. Keeping an eye on every transaction in your business and preparing the analytics will be really tedious. With Leadbadge marketing automation, you can observe all your business initiations and customer feedbacks under the same umbrella. It also gives productive feedback reports to the marketing team, based on which they can amend the marketing strategies.

The centralised dashboards in this CRM can coordinate all the marketing data on a single screen. Our visual data reporting tools are unparallel and any ambiguity in the business flow can be recognized effortlessly and indicate them to you.

Task management and scheduling

Are you in search of the perfect CRM to elevate your team’s efficiency? Then Leadbadge marketing CRM automation will be the right choice for you. We can coin the best assignments for your marketing team with perfect deadline indicators. In this task completion process, you can assess the individual as well as the team capabilities. Our automation tools can guide and assist them to accomplish the tasks well in advance.

This software is especially concerned about all the communication gaps while fixing an appointment. That’s why we provide a brilliant calendar system showing available time slots with automatic update feature which can help you out with such confusions. Reach out to the online appointment scheduling link within a few clicks by our marketing CRM and share it in your communication channels.

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